Cosplay contest registration

To register for this year's Cosplay Contest, please complete the below form. 

Online registration is available until Friday, August 12th at 10:00pm.

If you miss the online registration period, please sign up for the Cosplay Contest at the Welcome Booth on the day of the event prior to 12:15pm.

Categories are as follows:

  • Youth

    • Category for ages 17 and younger. Anyone ages 15-17 is allowed to choose whether they want to be in the youth or “adult” contest and will be judged accordingly.

  • Novice

    • First-time contestants who have never entered a costume contest or contestants who have entered, but not won an award at any costume contest.

  • Intermediate

    • contestants who have won one major award with any costume at a cosplay/costume contest.

  • Expert

    • Contestants who have won two or more major awards with any costume at a cosplay/costume contest.

  • Group

    • Any of the four category entries may be individuals or groups. Groups will be judged based on the most experienced member of the entire group, regardless of creative input. So, if there is one master level and three novice level participants the entry would be judged as a master level. Groups may not have more than 7 members.

Thanks for submitting!